Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Welcome to our blog! This blog talks about our health. In this article, I’ll show you a few tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tips to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Simply put, a healthy lifestyle consists of a healthy diet, no smoking, healthy weight, and a nutritious diet. As simple as this might sound, the trick is actually making the small changes such as deciding to ditch the juicy burger. Self discipline is a must.


Tips for creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts

Tips for creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts. Nutrition columnist offers helpful tips for keeping a New Year’s resolution for healthy eating. By Carrie Dennett. Check this article for more information.


Four Rules for a Healthy Lifestyle

As part of Harvard Medical School’s Reflection in Action: Building Healthy Communities™ program, LineStorm Animation students from three different Boston Public Schools previsualized, designed and animated this hand-drawn educational short to emphasize.


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